2009 was to be the year of spectacular origins. It was the year Brookside Gardens Event Center and Origins Catering Company came to life. Two families, two businesses on seemingly different paths finally converge in a story 10 years in the making. 


Larry and Jackie Bebo bought a little farmhouse in 1889 and grew it into a bustling home for thirty-two. They had two birth kids, adopted twenty-eight and established a legacy no one foresaw. In 2007 after most of their children had grown, married and branched out, they decided to move to a new home and donated the once small farmhouse to a non-profit. The building sat unoccupied for two years, until it was put on the market. It was waiting for the right vision, fueled by passion to live up to its full potential. Unbeknownst to Mr. Bebo, the Degnan’s had seen the potential for this property. 


Jamie, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America was a working Executive Chef at one of Estes Parks premier resort properties. Tiffany operated the Lighthouse Cafe where Larry was a frequent guest. In fact, through this relationship, Jamie and Tiffany catered his daughter Christie’s wedding. While they were busy growing their business, they too were growing their family through adoption. They also had a dream of one day owning and operating a venue. When the home first went on the market, they saw the potential and the chance to make their dream a reality. After looking at several properties and a varying circumstances, they decided the timing just wasn’t quite right. However, they knew they weren’t done with the property yet. Still the house stood empty.  


Fast forward… at the urging of that very daughter, Christie, Larry bought back the house he once gave away. He transformed his former home into Brookside Gardens Event Center- a wedding and event venue. A place where countless families get their start. It would be several years later before Mr. Bebo learned Jame and Tiffany had once tried to buy this house for that very purpose. 

Wanting to partner with the best vendors in the industry, he encouraged Jamie and Tiffany to open a catering company to work alongside Brookside Gardens and other clients. And so the story of Origins Catering began. The Bebos and Degnans proceeded to have ten years of incredible service, amazing relationships and a continued bond. 


After years of building this property to its grandeur, Larry felt it was time to pass the keys. But who would understand the heart, honor its foundation, and continue the vision? Larry knew where he needed to go first. When the call came in, the Degnan’s were humbled to answer. It was evident that a dream ten years in the making was coming to fulfillment. 

One might ask if it this story of two families, parallel journeys, and a shared love for one property was preordained. We, the Bebos and Degnans believe it was. 

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