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Our 10 Year Anniversary Party is Almost Here!

See you soon!
In case you haven't gotten the invite, seen our social media posts, or received our personal call, here's your final chance to RSVP and party with us! 
Next Sunday (June 23rd), we're set to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary! Come on out from 1-4om to celebrate with us!
There'll be live music, free wine and beer, opportunity to win a free night stay after the event, see our gardens in full bloom, lawn games and share stories. We are also excited to show you our brand new, luxury suites!

And what's a party without cake??

The Details
Sunday, June 23rd 1-4pm 
Party with us... then stay the night! We are happy to offer you top of the line luxury lodging. 
We have single and double suites on the Brookside Gardens property. Each room has heating and air conditioning, doctor recommended beds, hypo-allergenic comforter, free wifi, 32” smart TV, heated floors in bathrooms, body, face, and hand towels, end of stay housekeeping, and blackout curtains. Centrally located to Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Mead, Windsor and surrounding Northern Colorado cities.

Be sure to RSVP below or on our Facebook page!

Mix and Match, or Mismatched???

To wrap up our 3-part series on dresses, let’s address the fun trend of mixing and matching your girls’ attire. While this can add some visual depth to your photos and allow your party the chance to have some say in their gowns, it can also make for an unintentionally messy look if not done properly. To avoid this catastrophe, choose only one aspect of the dress to be different among the women.

COLOR – The first component that you may consider changing up is the color of the dresses, rather this means different shades of the same hue, or a palette where each maid boasts her own color is entirely up to you. However, they should remain cohesive with colors used throughout the entirety of you wedding. If you choose to have your bridesmaids where different colors, the material and style of the gown should remain the same across the board.

STYLE – The second way in which you might consider switching up the dresses is by allowing there to be a variety of styles. This could mean that each girl is wearing a style of their choice. Or the maid of honor has a slightly different style, while the rest of the women share the same style. Both are great! When choosing to switch up the style of your girl’s dresses, you will want to make sure that the length, color, and fabric are all the same.

MATERIAL – The last way in which you might consider adding some variety to your girls’ dresses is by utilizing some different material to create a textured look. With so many options out there from lace to satin to chiffon, this can prove to be a fun and different way to make things your own! Again, you will want to make sure all other aspects, such as style and color, are the same, in order to prevent it from becoming too busy.

Creating a unique combination of dresses for your most treasured ladies can be a wonderful idea! It is our hope that this post helps you to avoid the mismatched catastrophe and instead, guides you towards that mix and match look you are going for. Happy shopping!

Top 3 Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Last week we talked all about the most important dress that will be in attendance at your wedding… YOURS! This week, we are chatting about the dresses that are made to compliment your gorgeous gown, the bridesmaid’s dresses. There can be a lot of questions that run through your mind when considering what you would like your ladies to wear. How do I know what color to choose? Should they all match? Should they all be different? What about the maid of honor? Not to fret, we are here to help!

First, you will want to think about what color you would like the dresses to be. Most commonly, this is one of your accent colors. However, some of the recent trends suggest selecting something a bit bolder and more unexpected such as white or black. Which direction you choose to go is entirely up to you.

Second, consider when envisioning the dresses is whether you would prefer long or short. Or maybe something in between? An important factor in making this decision is the weather. Will you be inside or outside? What is the temperature likely to be? Is there a good chance it will be windy? Be sure to select a length that fits with the environment your photos will be taken in.

Third, it is important to know your girls. What are they comfortable in? What would they like? Though I am not suggesting you ask for the open-ended opinions of every person in your bridal party, you might want to consider asking the opinion of your maid of honor or getting feedback on a specific idea you have. It will go a long way for you to select something that all your bridesmaids can feel comfortable in. This usually entails steering clear of low-cut necklines and high leg slits.

We hope you find these tips helpful in choosing the perfect dress for your best girls to wear on the big day!

All Dressed In White

Here comes the bride… all dressed in white… or pink, or blue, or whatever color suites you! One of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your wedding is the dress. Dress shopping can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of planning your wedding, but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down which one is right for you. Not to worry, we have compiled our top 5 tips for you to keep in mind while searching for your perfect gown. Enjoy!

1. Schedule an Appointment
Gather your girlfriends or maybe your mom and future mother-in-law to come with you as you try on gowns. Schedule these appointments for a week night OR a fun weekend morning. Want to visit a few shops? Plan on scheduling them all within the same month to help you better remember the dresses to compare with one another!

2. Wear Appropriate Undergarments
It’s always helpful to wear nude undergarments that
won’t distract you from the dresses. You’ll also want to be sure your bra is strapless to accommodate those sweetheart necklines!

3. Be Open to Options
You never know which gown or style will be the perfect fit! While it’s good to come in with a particular idea in mind, your bridal consultant should have some good ideas that will fit your style, personality and body type, too!

4. Give Yourself Enough Time
Not just for the appointment itself (they can take a little time),
but also, for ordering and alterations. In most cases, you will want to allow for at least six months for this just to be safe.

5. How Does it Make You Feel?
In most cases, you are going to try on tons of dresses, many of which are going to be beautiful. However, for it to be the last one standing at the end of your search, it has to be more than just a pretty dress. It has to be THE dress. Each time you find yourself standing in a dress you love, ask the question: how do I feel in it? No doubt, there are going to be several choices which inspire answers such as stunning, lovely, gorgeous, ect. However, there is likely only one that will truly make you feel like a bride.

Meet Our Vendors: Origins Catering Company + a Deal You Won't Want to Miss!

April showers bring May . . . DEALS!?! In honor of it being planting month here at Brookside Gardens, we are collaborating with one of our favorite catering companies to bring you one heck of a deal! This month, when you book an event for 2019, you will receive 10% off your venue fee AND 10% off a delicious selection of menus from Origins Catering Company.

Origins Catering Company is the first of a new series that we will be doing here on the blog called "Meet Our Vendors". Throughout this series, we will be featuring our wonderful vendors to help you get to know them a little better!

We love working with Origins, and feel so lucky that we frequently get the opportunity to do so! Here at Brookside, we value this company for their timely and professional service, ever smiling faces, and incredibly yummy food! They offer the highest level of care to their clients, perfected over 10 years of experience. The team at Origins strives to provide their undivided attention to each and every one of their clients, making sure that they always feel like a special guest, even at their own event!

Call today to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, we would love to meet you!

5 Wedding Favor Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Want to get something to thank your guests for being a part of your special day? Having trouble deciding on a favor you know your guests will love? We have narrowed it down to our top 5 favor ideas to help you determine what gift might be best for you and your party!

1. COASTERS: Perhaps one of the most unique favor ideas that we have seen here at Brookside was a custom coaster created specifically for each guest in attendance. We love how classic and timeless this idea is, along with the fact that a favor with each guests’ name provides an aspect of personalization that is sure to make anyone feel special!

2.  PLANTS: We LOVE this idea! Not only is it cute and creative, but it is representative of the new life that you are starting and the way that your love will continue to grow. This is something that everyone can enjoy.  Whether it be a small packet of seeds or a full potted plant, your thoughtful gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

3. DRINKING GLASSES: This one is especially handy because your guests can use it to hold their drinks throughout your celebrations. These can be anything from mason jars to martini glasses. Get creative with your vessel of choice and pick out something that goes along with your theme to enhance your guests’ experience. When the night is through, your friends and family will have a sweet little reminder of your big day hiding in their kitchens!

4. POLAROIDS: Another favor idea that we love are pictures! What better way to capture the moment than to take a snapshot of it? Your guests will always cherish the memories that they shared with you at your wedding. Make this idea a touch more personal by adding a watermark that fits with the theme of your event.

5. KOOZIES: Who doesn’t love a cold drink? Another option that your guests can get use out of on your special day, a koozie can serve as a great memento for your friends and family! These are extra fun to create because they come in countless color options and designs. Use your imagination to create something that fits with you and your soon-to-be spouse’s style, and of course, goes along with your carefully constructed color palette. 

15 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

1. Will the photos be retouched and color balanced?
  • Is that done before I see the proofs?
2. How many weddings have you shot and how many do you do in a year?

3.  What’s your favorite part of a wedding day and time of year to shoot?

4. Have you ever shot at my venue before?

5. Do you shoot both digital and film?

6. What is included in your packages?

7. How many hours of coverage do we get?
  • What is the charge for overtime?
8. What is the deposit and total fee?

9. Will you be my actual photographer on the day of, or will it be one of your associates?

10. Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you’re sick?

11. Will there be a second shooter or any assistants?
  • If so, is there an additional fee for each?
12. How long will it take us to receive the photos?

13. Will you follow a shot list?

14. What are the restrictions for sharing photos online?

15. Approximately how many images can I expect to see from my wedding?

Happy 10 Years to Us!

Welcome to the Brookside Gardens Event Center Blog! Here's a bit about us!

We are a family owned and operated business located in Berthoud, Colorado. We are set on making dreams come true and doing so in excellence! The front of our property is graced with a gorgeous Victorian home built in 1889. The Bebo family first moved to this home and expanded it to fit all of their 30 children. That is why, we now have 11 single and double suites that can accommodate almost as many of your guests. Our suites are spacious, luxurious and as restful as our gardens. Our clients often exclaim surprise in discovering our modern secret-garden. Brookside Gardens Event Center features 3 awe-inspiring acres of lush landscaping, a cascading brook, vine covered arbors, a grand stairway, an aspen grove, and breathtaking mountain views. The indoor event space boasts a beautiful wood floor, a classic bar, a stately fireplace, and grand chandeliers that can host up 400 guests. Whether you are getting ready in our gorgeous vintage bridal suites, getting married under our magnificent halo, or hosting an open air event on our patio, you are sure to be fully immersed in the serenity offered by our quiet garden property. We also have a newly refurbished barn that is full of charm and character and can host up to 120 guests.

We are so excited to be stepping into our tenth year as a venue! We offer all that we do, so that you can step on our property knowing that everything will be taken care of and be present in these precious moments. We are honored to be a part of your celebrations! Come experience the magic that our unique venue can create for your special event.

To set up a tour, please call us at (970) 532-3663 or email events@brooksidegardens.com.
Feel free to explore our website for additional information and see some of our photos photos from past celebrations. We look forward to connecting with you!